A yoga pose I love:  a deep, soul-satisfying, twist (any twist)

 A yoga pose that challenges me:  Half Moon

 Favorite season:  The transition from Summer to Fall

 Favorite food:  Anything with garden fresh, homemade pesto on it!

 Favorite movie:  Legends of the Fall

Favorite animal:  Giraffes

 One cool place I've been:  The fountain in Austria where The Sound of Music was filmed

 One place I'd love to go:  I really want to join the ALL 50 STATES Club!

 A quote I like:  It's more of an acronym... C.A.N.I.  Constant And Never-ending Improvement (Tony Robbins) & "Whether you think you CAN or you think you CAN"T, you are right." H. Ford

 This inspires me:  Tapping in to the Divine, always with me, if I just get still and listen.