In our 60 minute Vinyasa classes, we’ll link breath to movement as we flow through a variety of poses that contain elements of strength, flexibility, and endurance.  These classes are designed to soothe and calm us but also to challenge us throughout practice.  As with all classes at NYC3, these vinyasa style classes are multi-level, and modifications are always offered as needed. *Sunday 6:00 pm Vinyasa is currently 75 minutes.


Slow down and take time for yourself with our Restorative yoga classes.  We’ll enjoy a relaxing sequence and comforting poses as we let go and unwind for 60 minutes.  Supportive bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps are used to enhance restorative poses and encourage a deeper release into relaxation and restoration.

Yoga Mix

We’ll build strength and flow like we do in Vinyasa; we’ll pause for breath work and passive mind & body opening poses like we do in Restorative.   Imagine a slow flow that will awaken the body and leave you feeling refreshed! We mix it up. See what today’s Yoga Mix has in store for you.
60 minutes.

Beginners Yoga

Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come to all of our classes; this one is just especially created for our newest yogis. There will be elements from Vinyasa, Yoga Mix, and Restorative, and we’ll break it down a bit more for you. Even if you’re not a beginner, still join us! All will enjoy the slower flow and beneficial stretches. 60 minutes.

Yoga Burn

Let’s take it up a notch with this endurance training, strength building challenge of a class. It’s still yoga - so you’ll always honor your body in this class, and no one will judge you if you choose to take an early savasana. 60 minutes.

Chair Yoga

In this gentle class we will use chairs and other yoga props to experience the myriad benefits of yoga while honoring any physical “limitations.” While Chair Yoga is a favorite among seniors, all of us will benefit from the gentle yoga this class offers. 60 minutes (45 minutes yoga/15 minutes tea).

Yoga Nidra

Nidra means sleep and yoga nidra means ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Yoga Nidra is a guided, meditative practice for your body and soul and yet another form of yoga that helps you reconnect and relax. Sweet dreams! 60 minutes.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

The ancient Chinese practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are moving meditations that incorporate mindful, deliberate movement and breathwork. These martial arts help us with circulation, alignment, balance, and peace of mind. Although recommended for all, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are wonderful for those with physical limitations or those looking for low-impact exercise for the body and soul. We practice mostly standing and seated in a chair is another accessible option to experience all the benefits of this energy balancing and restoring work.

Yin Yoga

In a yin class we slow down to hold poses targeting deep connective tissues between the muscles and fascia throughout the body. Yin yoga helps to increase circulation in the joints, improve flexibility, and regulate the body’s energy flow. Props are always offered to assist in our stretches and poses. 60 minutes

Meditative Yoga

This 60 minute class will allow you to tune into the flow of your breath and the song of your heart. Various methods are used to guide us into release and relaxation. Intended to be a peaceful exploration of meditation, movement, and breathwork, this class is accessible to beginners and those looking to explore the more subtle aspects of their yoga practice. Come enjoy this peaceful nighttime experience.

(all ages)

Come one, come all for a 60 minute yogic celebration.  We’ll breathe and flow and enjoy a community class for all. We’ll practice various styles of yoga, and we’ll work together to complete fun challenges designed to strengthen us both on and off the mat. We’ll also engage in all-ages activities designed to help us appreciate the benefits of presence and relaxation. Yoga break activities available for our youngest yogis.   

Kids Yoga
(ages 6-11)

Kids Yoga is an awesome way to move and challenge our bodies, to learn to manage and release emotions, to practice character building qualities like empathy, forgiveness, integrity, and mental toughness…and it’s just really fun. 60 minutes.

Kids Club
(ages 6-11)

During this longer, two-hour Yoga Kids Club session, we will explore movement and mindfulness through the many facets of yoga in a special class made just for kids.  We will learn from others and ourselves as we practice yoga, play yoga games, and embrace our creativity with a take-home art project.      

Kids Room
(6 mnths -10 yrs)

Kids Room will be offered during specified classes. Kids Room is a space where little ones can play, read, and color during their parent’s class. Kids Room is the perfect opportunity for parents/caretakers to enjoy a worry-free practice knowing their child is just outside the door having some fun, too!

*Click here for additional information about Kids Room.

NYC3 Night & Workshops

We love workshops at Now Yoga Club & Community Center. Offerings change monthly, so be sure to check in often for current workshops covering topics such as Essential Oils, Mindfulness, Pranayama, Chi Gong, and more. Check the schedule for special offerings you’re sure to enjoy.

NYC3 Night is always a memorable evening and never the same. Sometimes we’ll offer family-friendly themes such as Pajama Party Yoga or Yoga & Crafts; other times we’ll design a special evening for adults to relax with Yoga and Essential Oils, Mala Making and Meditation, or Yoga & Wine. NYC3 Nights are coming soon; check the schedule or inquire at the studio for details.

Specialty & Group

Attention middle school and high school teachers and coaches: We look forward to customizing classes with your sports team or social club in mind. Please inquire about our Team classes and Team class packages. Contact Home school parents and co-ops, this is a great opportunity for you, too! We love working with our amazing, young yogis here at NYC3!

Attention professionals! Would you like a break from the office and a chance to unwind with your coworkers? Schedule a group class:

Private &

For those of us who prefer the individualized attention of a one-on-one practice or maybe a semi-private session with a friend, contact to set up a private or semi-private class customized for your needs.

Thai Bodywork

Come experience this unique form of bodywork where you will be pulled, twisted, and stretched in all sorts of therapeutic ways! Some people like to refer to Thai Bodywork as “lazy yoga.” You will be fully clothed on a very comfortable mat. Email to make a reservation. Sunday time slots available: 2:30; 4:15; and 6:00. Appointments are 75 minutes.


Is it a workout or a dance party? It’s both! You don’t even need rhythm to embrace this fun, Latin-inspired workout. For 60 minutes we’ll move to the beat (maybe?) and burn calories and release energy without even realizing it. Please bring indoors-only shoes. Zumba is not currently on our weekly schedule, but watch for special fun Zumba nights!

Teen Yoga Club
(ages 12-16)

Are you interested in a Yoga Program designed with you in mind? Do you want to strengthen and tone your body? Do topics such as mindfulness and meditation intrigue you? Do you want to embrace life and shine your true self?  

Then send an email with your name and date of birth to or sign the NYC3 Teen interest sheet at the studio. When we have a few seekers like yourself who are interested, we’ll schedule something amazing.